Organisations that train Scuba Divers

There are many organisations that train scuba divers depending on the type of diving they wish to carry out. There are far too many organisations to cover so just are few are listed here.


PADI is probably the most recognised organisation in the world. It was founded in 1966. PADI has franchies all over the world.

CFT - The Irish Underwater Council

CFT stands for Comhairle Fo-Thuinn or the Irish Underwater Council. Founded in 1963 they are the governing body of all the Sub-Aqua clubs in Ireland. They also set out the training standards the clubs have to follow when training new divers

Technical Diving International

Technical Diving International was founded in 1993 in Florida. TDI specalises in training professional technical divers. Founded in 1993 it teaches the different techniques and gas mixes that technical divers need to stay under the water for extended periods of time.

International Association for hanicapped divers

Also found in 1993 in Sweden the IAHA teaches courses to people with physical disablities. For a lot of people who have physical disablities on land, they have no trouble diving as they become weightless under water.