Speciality Courses

Specialist Diving Courses

Just because you have qualified as a diver doesn't mean that you there is nothing else to learn about diving. Here are just a few of the specialist diving courses that PADI offer

Wreck Diver

This course teaches people how to div shipwrecks safely. There are lots of extra safety concerns if divers are entering a ship wreck as it is very easy to get trapped and disorientated in them

Ice Diver

Not a course for those who like the warm. This one teaches how to deal with very cold water and how do dive safely under sheets of ice.

Cavern Diver

This is for anybody who suffers claustrophobia. It's for those who want to learn to dive underwater caves, cenotes and very, very tight spaces

Digital Underwater Photography

Because not every course has to have the element of danger to it and the fact that there are some stunning scenes underwater, this course teaches you how to get the best photos underwater.